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Marble Surface

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is required for me to make a reservation?

Choose your package and begin to reserve your photo booth at the reservation request website here. We will send you an email to confirm or discuss the event request, along with the next steps for booking.

What is a customized print design?

You can personalize our current selection with any theme you would like to fit your event. We have photoshop specialists on hand for harder, more technical designs. Just make sure you let us know what you desire for your event.

Are there space, venue, and power requirements?

Yes. We prefer booth space to be a minimum 10' x 10' area and a minimum height of 7' for all events that require a backdrop. Please allow up to 10 feet for the power outlet. For events with props. please provide a table at the venue. If your event requires special accommodations, please let us know.

What comes with booking an attendant on duty to help our guests?

Our Booth Managers are trained to ensure your photo-booth experience is smooth and easy. They will arrive before your time, set up and break down the photo booth, assist your guests with printing, texting emailing photos, and assisting in GIF videos to have the social media ready!

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